My work describes my love of unusual materials and techniques.

I enjoy pushing beyond the boundaries of convention,

beyond the paint, beyond the two-dimensional surface

and into the world of the unexpected.

My current body of work includes everything -

paintings, artists’ books, installations and sculpture.  

I allow myself the freedom to pursue any form of creativity.  

I consider myself a Maker as well as an Artist.

When I am painting, I apply paint with drywall tools,

palette knives, kitchen implements and handmade paintbrushes.  

I make paint out of clays and minerals collected in the wilderness.

As a book binder, I push the traditional form of the book

into the realm of sculpture.  I enjoy creating books out of unexpected

materials such as plexiglas, steel and found objects.

I find the act of creating an installation to be very intriguing.  

When I am crafting the individual components,

I only have a mental vision of the finished piece.  

Only after the piece is installed can I see my vision become real.  

That moment is very exciting!

The process involved in the creation of a piece of artwork is

very important to me.  I always begin with

experimentation to learn what the material can do

and how far I can push it.  Each step influences the next

and I often see new possibilities and new directions for the final piece.

My goal is to take the visions from my mind and turn them into reality.  

Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  

No matter how it turns out, I am happy.


Genesis  (Detail)  24” x 24”  2013

acrylic on canvas